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Monday, October 25, 2010

the beautiful of night

today i had a very very very long day and its full of study.i'm tired! since primary school until now i keep doing the same thing. its there any effect to me? idk. i'm bored. feel like to cry.the killer just around the corner but i'm still not serious in the study. all the books i put aside. my fingers dancing on the keyboard. type every single thing that come out in my brain. i move to the door. and i'm enjoying the beautiful of sounds and it's all silent. i feel relax. my mood become stable and now i can think positively. there is a reason why i keep studying for the whole my life. its not for the sake of money in the future, not for the job. its for my own sake. i need to fill my heart with knowledge. if not u are looser. totally looser. i'm enjoying again this view. its relax and calm. i don't give damn if there is any grammar mistake or anything. its my i want to meet back my boyfriends, the fmi book. sorry to keep u waiting. the beautiful of night,,,i hope u can stay longer because i want to see again and again again

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