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Tuesday, October 11, 2011


we had knowing each other for so many years.
you know me deeply and vice versa.
for me you are my bestfriend ever because you help me a lot.
i always tought that we will friends forever till the end but one day something happen.
you push me away. it seems that you hate me, i dont know. somehow i'm lost.
owhh you found someone better from me. hehehe never mind
you know what, its okay because He also had replace you with other new friends that are totally awesome.
i'll keep praying that my 'new friend' which is my best friend now
will remain the same person till the end..hehheee.

grammar mistake memang melambak lah kan, so lantak lah ai.
korang taip ramlah ram kat google translate tgk ape jadi (malay - english)
malas aku nak cek google translate. lagi haru biru ayat aku nanty.
takpe name pun belajar kan. readers aku pun ada yang cikgu BEL *rolling eyes*.
besok nanti die bagitawlah mana yang salah.hahah

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