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Sunday, January 29, 2012

marriage vs wedding

assalamulaikum, lately aku banyak plak pergi wedding. there's a lot of things i found there. there's a lot of things i learn there. everything in my side is money. all the curtain, dress, gifts, and all the stuff. is like you are drown in a sea that full of money. excluding the hantaran. hahaha sorry malas nak taw hantaran in english apa. then i'm asking about the budget. just to know. hahaha busy body??? hell yeah. thats not your problem. i just wondering. its better i'm keep on asking instead of making any bad assumption. the hall is about RM 20000. hehehe thats a high amount enough for me. i can buy anything maybe even you. my opinion we should invest in marriage, not the wedding. actually i'm not interested in bersanding. hahaha as long as the wajib part is done, its enough for me. whatever it is, its depend on the groom family. hahaa

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