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Thursday, June 28, 2012


i can see the sparks fly whenever you smile
your smile make me calm
the pain its heal, it is priceless
so just keep smiling..;)

a words can make a thousand definition
a thousands quotes can be simplify in one word

keep on doing the things that can cheer me up
what else to do
you only live once

dont waste it, live it to the fullest
life its unexpected
double your effort, expect less
sometimes life is cruel
so dont stop to pray and depend on Allah SWT
when you always trust in Him
and keep on double your effort, He will help you.
and show you the best path to walk in

explore the world, dont stuck in one place
there is many nice place and new people is waiting for you..(",)

p/s: so..hahha keep on guessing peeps..:)
waiting for the portugal and spain game..chaaooo

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